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About Company

We exist to support business growth

Our mission is to optimize processes and increase sustainable results.
We are present in North America and Brazil with clients like Nestlé, Purina, Brookfield, Catupiry, Peccin and more.

Our Services

Inventory replenishment
& distribution planning

Our solution captures data and performs comparisons with stock and sales information provided by distributors and retailers using AI and machine learning. All together make greater predictability for the production of the correct quantity of products, control of items stored in stock, and sales schedule, in addition to effective integration of the entire distribution chain! All are supported by a team of experts who constantly monitor the data obtained to generate more results and speed up the deep learning progress of our tool.


Increase Revenue

Avoid out-of-stocks and consequent reduction in market share.


Reduce Costs

Manage the expiring dates among your branches and reduce overorders.


Increase Margins

Forecasting the demand and avoiding stock rupture guarantee the right level of production.


Support your operations

A dedicated team helps you monitor and refine your data with AI and Machine Learning integrated.

Why Choose Us

Delivering optimal solution


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) & Collaborative Replenishment

Anticipate demand and support your business partners to replenish their shelves.


AI, Machine and Deep Learning

The system compares years of order history and learns with every movement of orders to improve your operations.


Demand Forecast

Colecta organizes and learns with your inventory, predicting when the partners can be out of stock and helping you to manage critical orders.


Inventory Distribution

Redistribute your inventory forecasting consumption by business unit.


Optimum Orders

Beyond understanding your supply chain timeline, Colecta forecasts demand and reduces up to 90% stock-outs.


Charts and Reports

It is an easy way to see integrated information in one place. We can integrate into your platform or use our interface.

Convey the pleasure of an performing magnificent moments & rising up the top.

49 %
Reduction in stock rupture
+ 100
POS integrated
20 %
Stock level improvement
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